Mayra Pina recently celebrated her 5-year work anniversary at JDC. She has spent three years as manager of our Duncanville location, and two prior years as an assistant manager at our West Illinois clinic. When you make an appointment at the Duncanville office, hospitality and customer service are the order of the day. Patients always come first starting from the time they book their appointment. This level of patient care continues through consultation and treatment. She and her staff start by addressing their patient's main concern. Recognizing that many have fears that have built up over time, they always strive to make patient care individualized and succinct. To keep patients at ease for the duration of their procedures, staff are consistently checking on patients, offering an array of amenities to make patients feel warm and welcome. Doctors Leslie Townsend and Manthan Patel also perform thorough consultations to give high-quality expert information about the patient's treatment. Dr. Townsend, is the Regional Dental Director for JDC and has more than 10 years with the organization. She has one of our highest referral ratings because of her warm demeanor with patients and friendly attitude. Dr. Manthan Patel is a general dentist who tends to patients on alternate days and delivers an exemplary level of care to patients who are in need of any treatment ranging from basic cleanings to root canals. The staff at Duncanville always work to meet patients' needs, expectations and comfort levels.

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