Vanessa Pena and her staff of nine make up our East Main location in Grand Prairie. Together they work to make patients smile with their good energy and positive disposition. By creating an exceptionally friendly atmosphere, they help put patients at ease and ensure they're comfortable through the duration of their visit. Staff are outgoing and make concerted efforts to engage patients in lively conversation. This helps patients relax and open up to the perky, personal staff. During the procedures themselves, team members continually check on patients, and have also been known to sit with especially timid patients. As a promise to their customers, the team is resolute in their mission to assist patients through any of their fears. Vanessa remembers a particularly frightened patient who was panicking about receiving treatment. It was a level of terror much more intense than she'd previously seen. She and her staff took the time to hold the patient's hands and talk with them throughout the process. In this case, and those like it, the whole team works synonymously to determine how they can best help patients receive the treatment they need with as little stress as possible. Together, Vanessa and her dedicated staff work tirelessly to dissolve nerves and truly be there for patients. The clinic sits conveniently located equidistant from President George Bush Turnpike and Highway I-30 in downtown Grand Prairie.

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